Webdesign for Naturstein Dafner

breakpoint projekte dafner

Naturstein Dafner is a manufactory specialized in the processing of natural stone, ceramics and quartz in Wörth a.d. Donau, Germany. In addition to the redesign of the main page, a second website was also created for the expansion of the company into the sanitary sector.

Webdesign Zentgraf Steinmanufaktur

breakpoint projekt zentgraf

Steinmanufaktur Zentgraf is one of the leading natural stone manufactories in Germany and specializes in exclusive interior design with natural stone, ceramics and quartz. The goal of this project was to redesign the website with a focus on a personal appearance and the integration of various interaction options for visitors.

Webdesign for Koch Natursteine

breakpoint projekt koch websites

For the company Koch Natursteine from Rauenberg, a total of three websites were developed for the natural stone, bathroom and gravestone sectors. While the natural stone and bathroom pages have a material catalog for natural stones, the online catalog of the company Destag was integrated on the Koch gravestone website.

Webdesign for Bath-Academy-Europe

breakpoint projekt bath academy 2

Bath-Academy-Europe is an academy program for bathroom contractors from the natural stone industry. The program lasts three years and consists of monthly live online seminars, face-to-face workshops and factory visits to selected sanitary manufacturers.